Football: Commentary: CR7, Messi, TikTok & Co.


Comment: CR7, Messi, TikTok & Co.

To be honest, I thought we finally got rid of “that”. “That” is the hellish feud between Cristiano Ronaldo fans and Lionel Messi supporters, the two giants now playing in second division competitions.


What is wrong with modern football was summed up in a headline in the media in June: “Paris Saint-Germain lose nearly 2 million Instagram followers after Lionel Messi leaves”. So god knows you can’t tax me for supporting the Parisian club, huh. But when I read it, I realized for the 4234th time that the ball game had apparently turned into something else. Something that has nothing to do with eleven people from one town, versus the blood of eleven fellows from another, and a leather thing in the middle, deciding between them.

Today, on social networks, it is a strategic debate, it explains, it is scouting and it is interesting. But for most people, for those who need idols in their sad lives, it’s just a fight based on goat emoticons and starry-eyed emoji whenever the 36-year-old outcast in Major League Soccer plays a The aging Argentine and a 38-year-old Portuguese veteran steps up. Joe is running for the third zone championship. The broadcasters fell into the trap and took the rights to the Saudi Championship. Looking at the schedule, it profitably replaces repetitions of petanque and live archery, I understand…

Well done, Lionel Messi has scored multiple times in a cup between the Americans and the Mexicans. UP, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick against Al-Fateh and scored twice against Al-Shabab. There is no sporting interest in this, 99% of his followers are unable to put Saudi Arabia on the map and tell in which city such and such a club plays, but it doesn’t matter to the modern fan who, suddenly, puts three goat emoticons Without watching the match, but just an excerpt on Tiktok, where the scene is cut abruptly before losing the ball, passing in contact or going face-to-face against a teammate/referee.

Well, not that I still had illusions, huh. The PSG that manage to separate themselves by giving Qatar (themselves) the big salaries isn’t pretty. Chelsea have spent a billion pounds on players in the space of a few months, it doesn’t let you dream. Lyon, who can’t buy a player and bought him for 25 million, then loaned out by Racing White Daring of Molenbeek (11th in Belgium and has 7 against Club Brugge), is stupid. And then there’s all that’s happening in Saudi Arabia…

friends? friends! We’re still talking about a country that just sentenced a man to death based on his activities on X and YouTube, while on the other hand, it made a provision of half a million dollars in Neymar’s contract for every Instagram post. kept. Brazilians Are Extolling the Virtues of the Kingdom! Lionel Messi, he plays in the United States, but is the ambassador to Saudi Arabia and charges more than 600,000 francs for a publication praising the beauties of this country.

Before proceeding further read these sentences twice, digest it, ask yourself the right questions.

We’re no closer to a paradox, huh. But after the new “biggest Women’s World Cup in history” is held in Australia and New Zealand, isn’t FIFA dreaming of going to Saudi Arabia to play the World Cup in this country? Which allowed women to drive for only five years. Yes, everyone needs football. Happily. But already, Qatar, the international federation, all those women… I’m not going to talk too much on this topic, after that, I have problems.

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