For Billie Lourd, Princess Leia of Star Wars Is “Part of the Family”


The figure of Carrie Fisher is now forever tied to the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars, so much so that she must have been the last Jedi in the saga to which the title of Episode VIII refers. Billie Lourd wrote a piece on the figure of Leia on Time.

Billie Lourd, daughter of Carrie Fisher, tells of having long-postponed watching the Star Wars movies as a young girl, but having discovered after having done that “Nobody is, or ever will be, handsome and cool like Princess Leia “ . The initial reluctance to watch films with his mother then passed definitively and Lourd herself acted in the last trilogy, in the role of Lieutenant Connix.

“I realized then that Leia is much more than a character,” writes the daughter of art, born in 1992. “It is a feeling. It is a strength. It is grace. It is wit. It is femininity at the highest levels. It knows what it wants and gets it. She doesn’t need anyone to defend her, because she knows how to defend herself. And no one could have interpreted her as my mother. Princess Leia is Carrie Fisher. Carrie Fisher is Princess Leia. Both go hand in hand. “

Her relationship with the Star Wars saga has naturally changed with her entry into the franchise, in what is now a second family for her. “I grew up with three parents: a mother, a father and Princess Leia” are her words. “Initially, Princess Leia was a bit like my stepmother. Now she is my guardian angel. And I am her guardian.”

The highly anticipated Star Wars: Skywalker Rise, at the cinema since December 20, will contain eight minutes of footage of Carrie Fisher.

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