For Chieri derby and primacy

Today’s match had no history, with coach Bregoli’s girls who prevailed in all fundamentals. Excellent management of Bosio, well-deserved MVP of the match, who was able to trigger the three firesides Grobelna, Cazaute and Villani without problems, all with 14 points scored. The confrontation against the wall is without history, with a clear 12-3 for the guests, also the result of the punctuality of the Mazzaro-Weitzel plants (5 blocks) and the difficulties in construction of the cats, which close with 35% in attack, making a mistake in the final even the simplest situations. An alarm bell for Mr. Zanini, after the comeback suffered against Vallefoglia, but which must still be contextualized in a situation of very bad injuries for the hosts. In the hope of soon regaining the full staff, they tried Kuznetsova (13) and Diop (12) to drag their companions, but without success.


Francesca Bosio (Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri) – «I’m very happy because coming to play here is never easy, they are always difficult to face. We were good, we had patience by imposing our game. The backbone has remained similar to last year, but we have added some important elements: we are a team with 14 starters, we can raise the level compared to last year. The great teams will be able to struggle at the beginning, given the commitments of the national teams, there may be outsiders and we want to have our say “.

Lara Caravello (Cuneo Granda S.Bernardo) – «I’m happy with this opportunity as a starter, it’s a whole other story compared to entering only for a few points. I am working to try to give solidity to my companions. Unfortunately at the moment we have no changes, it is very difficult, we cannot afford a single moment of distraction. Plus many of us are new, we hope to be full soon to be able to play our best. There is time, however, we must work and recover our companions as soon as possible “.


WEDGE GRANDA S.BERNARDO: Kuznetsova 13, Cecconello 2, Diop 12, Drews 8, Caruso 3, Signorile, Caravello (L), Montabone, Klein Lankhorst. Do not enter: Basso, Gay, Magazza (L), Szakmary, Battistino. Herdsman Zanini.

REALE MUTUA FENERA CHIERI: Cazaute 14, Mazzaro 9, Grobelna 14, Villani 14, Weitzel 6, Bosio 2, Spirito (L), Storck 2, Morello, Nervini. Do not enter: Garreau Dje ‘, Fini (L), Rozanski, Butler. Herds Bregoli.

REFEREES: Puecher, Lot.

NOTES – Set duration: 23 ‘, 26’, 22 ‘; Tot: 71 ‘.

MVP: Francesca Bosio (Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri)

Spectators: 1122


Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri 6 (2 – 0); Savino Del Bene Scandicci 6 (2 – 0); Igor Gorgonzola Novara 5 (2 – 0); Prosecco Doc Imoco Conegliano 5 (2 – 0); Vero Volley Milano 5 (2 – 0); E-Work Busto Arsizio 3 (1 – 1); Volleyball Bergamo 1991 3 (1 – 1); Cbf Balducci Hr Macerata 3 (1 – 1); Megabox Ond. Savio Vallefoglia 2 (1 – 1); Wash4green Pinerolo 1 (0 – 2); Il Bisonte Florence 1 (0 – 2); Cuneo Granda S.Bernardo 1 (0 – 2); Heavy transporters Casalmaggiore 1 (0 – 2); Bartoccini-Fortinfissi Perugia 0 (0 – 2).

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