for having challenged the methods of Hervé Renard, Melissa Plaza suffers the full brunt of cyberbullying (and that says a lot about a certain misogyny) Lemberger Zeitung

For days, Mélissa Plaza has been treated with all the names on social networks. Which says a lot about the persistence of sexism in a certain audience. Yes yes, the same who will crucify Megan Rapinoe after her missed penalty shootout in the round of 16 against Sweden. Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that the American is a woman, a feminist, a lesbian, and that she dares to challenge male authority. If in the United States women’s football is much more considered, this does not prevent the same hateful and targeted reactions.

>> “A lesbian with blue hair”: Megan Rapinoe (again) victim of homophobic insults after her missed penalty at the Women’s World Cup, homophobes are hounding her <<

At Rapinoe as at Plaza, the conclusion is just as hard, it is that of a failure. The French footballer was accused by Hervé Renard of “want to make the buzz“. On Twitter, she says: “What does it mean all these men who, through several channels and via anonymous accounts, let off steam on me? Did they feel personally attacked by what I said about these manly attitudes? Did they feel threatened in their privileges? YES. Who would want that life? What human can stand that?“.

By criticizing the methods of Hervé Renard, Mélissa Plaza actually wanted to question the very masculine cult of authority and performance, and above all the way in which it is embodied in sport and through speeches. Encouraging the Blues in passing – on the rise towards a possible victory? – the former soccer player said it again loud and clear: “Know that I always had the courage of my ideas“. It is said.

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