For Jennifer Aniston, jazz pants are the perfect winter alternative to jeans

The perfect winter look? For Jennifer Aniston it includes jazz pants. As versatile as jeans but more comfortable

You say “Jen” and you say “jeans”. Over the years, we’ve seen Jennifer Aniston regularly show off denim pants, declining them in all possible variations, from wide-leg models to skinny ones, up to those with a bootcut cut. However, as winter approaches, the former star of Friends she seems to have paused for reflection in her long and passionate relationship with jeans. In fact, for a day of pre-Christmas shopping, the actress opted for a trend with a specifically winter connotation: a pair of comfortable-fit ribbed wool trousers.

The alternative to jeans, but not only

Known as “pantajazz”, these trousers are a valid alternative to jeans, as well as leggings and tracksuits. In fact, they have the advantage of being comfortable and comfortable, thanks to the soft material in which they are made and the presence of the elastic waistband, but they are also appreciated for their extreme versatility: exactly like jeans (or leggings), they are the perfect match for casual garments, but, at the same time, they are definitely suitable for completing an elegant look with a relaxed touch.

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In a tone-on-tone version like Jennifer Aniston

In a photo posted on her Instagram account, Jennifer Aniston wears a pair of gray jazz pants with a coat in a slightly different shade of the aforementioned shade, showing how these pants are a particularly suitable solution for building a monochromatic look (possibly also mono-pattern: rib + rib) with other wool garments.

How to match winter jazz pants

Alternatively, it is possible to combine them with materials such as smooth poplin, shiny silk or leather. However, it is advisable to opt for neutral colors and avoid juxtaposing patterns that are too different or the simultaneous presence of various textures. The wool + wool combination remains the winning one.



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