“For McDonald’s I would have done it before”

TO 14 years kills the sick sister and call the police. Claire Miller has stabbed to death, hitting her in the neck, her 19-year-old sister suffering from cerebral palsy, soon after he called the police and explained what had happened. Her agents took care of her during the first surveys of her, offering her food from McDonald’s, at which point the 14-year-old would have said that if she had known before she could eat at the fast food restaurant she would have killed a person even before she.

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The young woman was alone with her sister in their home in Pennsylvania, United States. After her murder, Claire called the police who arrived at her place and surprised the teenager who was washing his hands of her blood saying that she had killed her. The girl explained that she had wanted to stage the Michael Myers game, in reference to the bloody Halloween horror movie series. So she went into her room and stabbed her.

Attempts to revive the 19-year-old who was in a wheelchair were useless, while her younger sister was arrested and fed during interrogation. When the police brought her food, she said, “Oooh, McDonald’s, I would have killed someone first if I knew I was going to get McDonald’s.” The teenager then explained that he had heard rumors about her before her crime that would have pushed her to kill her sister. During the trial it emerged that the 14-year-old could have mental disorders and according to the defense she could be rehabilitated during the sentence.

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