For or against: blue hair?


And if this bluish madness was only the capillary variation of the mermaidcore phenomenon? Since May and the release of the film “The Little Mermaid”, we have been told: the trend is towards blue, whether it is azure, lagoon, sky, cyan or Klein. The proof on the head of the divine Dua Lipa, mermaid with the cobalt mane in the fabulous “Barbie”. The British-Albanian singer is not on her first blush: regularly, she swaps her brown for an aquamarine square to enhance her cheekbones.

Like her, Gigi, Kylie, Nicki, Billie and Gwen Stefani had their blue period, in a much more pop version than that of Picasso. Even Helen Mirren, 78, came to Cannes in periwinkle from head to toe. So what do we say to the world when we get blue? That we are funny, eccentric, and above all that we free ourselves from it! As in “La Vie d’Adèle” or as the actress Keke Palmer, publicly humiliated by her ex who reproached her for having gone to the Usher concert in micro-dress (“you’re a mother!”). Rather than replicate on the networks, Keke has done better: she is the star of the brand new clip of said Usher, “Boyfriend”. The color of her hair? Blue, of course. — Mathilde Cardboard.


Yes, it’s true, it’s the favorite color of the French. Blue embodies loyalty, fidelity and peace. It is the color of the UN, Unesco, the European Union: a consensual color as desired. “When you say you love it, you don’t say much about yourself,” color historian Michel Pastoureau even explained to us. But what is valid for politics is it for our manes? From the streets to the catwalks to the red carpets, the spirit of modern temples would be to proudly blue from root to tip. But the blue on the hair is not that of calm institutions, it is electric, fluorescent… in short, anything but becoming.

Not only does it instantly look bad, but it mess up the hair for a short-lived result. Amélie Maciel, Parisian hairdresser and specialist in blow-drying for fashion editors, warns: “For the blue to take well, you have to completely bleach the hair, which is very aggressive for the scalp. Once the dye is finished, the maintenance of this coloring is laborious. It very often turns pale green, especially from the sun. The blue hair is Smurf who can! —Sylvain Michaud

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