for positive migrants and unvaccinated contacts

Nothing for now hub of collection and control at the borders (Fernetti and Coccau), and no army to help. Friuli Venezia Giulia has to do it on its own, also managing the health aspect of the flows on the territory migrants fleeing Ukraine. This is why the Covid hotels closed after pandemic retreat e now again useful for isolar positive Ukrainian refugees and their close unvaccinated contacts or protected with two doses for more than six months. This is the most important news that emerged from yesterday morning’s summit between the Region (Fedriga and councilors Riccardi and Roberti present) and the four prefects of the capitals.


The health aspect is what worries Friuli in these hours. Checks (swabs) and vaccines (not just those against Covid) will not be carried out at the crossings. “They will be the responsibility of the health authorities of the places of arrival of the refugees,” explained Riccardi. It will therefore depend on the final direction of the flows: if the Ukrainians stop in Friuli, the existing hubs will be used. For tampons, for example, Martignacco (Udine) and the Giordani Deposit (Pordenone). The test must be carried out within 48 hours of entering Italy. Ditto for vaccines: existing hubs will be used (within 5 days of arrival and on a voluntary basis. Work is also being done on registering Ukrainian migrants in the health register. As for Covid hotels for the isolation of positives and contacts, they will be health authorities to track them down as it happened during the pandemic.


To date, the monitored transits of people fleeing Ukraine across the borders of the Fvg are over 12,000. President Massimiliano Fedriga announced this yesterday in the regional council. “Most have continued their journey to other locations outside the region. At the moment, “between reception by private citizens, such as friends and relatives, and the regional reception system, we have approximately 700 people welcomed in Fvg”. “The Fvg system – Fedriga noted – responded with a great sense of responsibility and solidarity” to the Ukraine emergency. Now «we must try to put this solidarity in order: we have had the availability of donations, hospitality and job opportunities. The applications for international protection made in Fvg by Ukrainian citizens are practically non-existent, at present there are three. From the information we have from the prefectures, these people declare that they want to return to their homeland as soon as possible. It is a question – he concluded – of a humanitarian response that has different needs than those of the past ».


Fedriga, however, has also put up some stakes. Not in the face of the flow of migrants fleeing the war, but in the face of the government and the central organization of the emergency. “At present – he remarked – the creation of health hubs on the borders is not envisaged, but it is essential that Friuli Venezia Giulia, where most of the refugees flow, continues to receive adequate support in the management of the emergency. In addition to the theme of hospitality, there is in fact the health aspect, which is entrusted to people who in the last two years have fought, and continue to do so, the pandemic and who are now also committed to recovering the performance slowed by the pandemic emergency If instead we think again of a single filter near the borders, then Friuli Venezia Giulia cannot be left alone. The weight of the emergency cannot rest on us alone. As far as the commitment of the territories and regions is concerned, we are facing a situation that is still poorly defined. The forecasts of the international community and the national government on the arrival of refugees from the war in Ukraine – added Fedriga – do not allow us to understand how the dramatic situation will evolve. Together with the National Civil Protection and the Government we have already started a territorial organization that will involve not only the Region, but also all the local authorities of the Fvg ».

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