For PS Store and great Black Friday deals, these titles are well worth their promotional prices

Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy (PS4 & PS5)

The biggest surprise of this year? Definitely Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy, which many have looked at with a grain of salt. Few counted that after the defeat of Marvel’s Avengers, Square Enix would be able to deliver a decent single-player title from the Marvel universe. Ultimately, those interested received one of the most neat single-player games, which can boast not only an interesting story and an impressive visual setting, but also refined Polish dubbing.

Resident Evil Village (PS4 and PS5)

For a long time, the publisher of Resident Evil Village kept the product’s high price, and only in the fall, Poles can buy the game much cheaper, as much as half the price of the premiere. This is a solid sale considering what Capcom has offered us: an intriguing, thought-provoking and thorough exploration survival-horror that extends the story of Ethan Winters and his family.

Mass Effect Legend Edition (PS4, PS5 – backward compatible)

Players asked, asked, and finally received a collection containing the complete trilogy, complete with all extras, focusing on the space adventures of Commander Shepard. The remasters of all three parts, especially the first one, are at a high level, so it seems that the price on the PS Store for this package is satisfactory. Simple maths suggest that for each title that is sufficient for approximately 25-40 hours of play, we allocate slightly over PLN 60.

Mafia Trilogy (PS4, PS5 – backwards compatible)

Last year, we had a refreshment of three Mafia games. The second and third installments received a simple remaster, and the first one, telling the story of Tommy Angelo, a full-fledged remake, which was very much appreciated by critics and journalists. As in the case of the aforementioned Mass Effect collection, the price of the Mafia Trilogy is adequate to what the package offers.

It Takes Two (PS4 and PS5)

Hazelight are masters in their field. First, they led to the premiere of A Way Out, and then took care of It Takes Two, which was in no way inferior to the previous title of the American band. There are many voices that the production, taking on a looser plot thread, is more refined in terms of mechanics, and skillful cooperation with another player is even more rewarded. It’s hard to disagree, because It Takes Two, which can only be completed in regular or couch co-op mode, is a sure candidate for the game of the year 2021.

Deathloop (PS5)

Deathloop had its first discount very quickly, although Arcane fans should not be surprised by it. The developer’s positions often fall into promotional offers even a few months after the premiere, despite the fact that they always present high quality. As in the case of Dishonored, the French developers give us a lot of freedom and pose a lot of challenges that we can deal with in many ways. The game is distinguished by an unusual retrofuturistic style inspired by the 1960s.

Metro Exodus Gold Edition (PS4 & PS5)

Metro Exodus (Gold Edition) is a full-fledged continuation of the adventures of a Russian member of the SPARTA order, which – despite a few outdated mechanics – has been loved by fans of post-apocalyptic productions. The production of 4A Games boasts an unearthly climate that builds constant tension, as well as a semi-open world, the visiting of which is handsomely rewarded. When you buy the Gold Edition, you can be sure that you will also get access to two story additions that complete the story from the base.

Life is Strange: True Colors (PS4 and PS5)

After the failure of the second Life is Strange, all eyes interested in the adventure titles were on Life is Strange: True Colors. There was a lot of pressure on the Deck Nine team, but fortunately they lived up to expectations and delivered a solid adventure game filled with choices influencing the rest of the story. The main character witnesses the tragic death of one of her relatives and, using her supernatural abilities, must find out what is hidden inside such a beautiful-looking town of Haven Springs.

Little Nightmares 2 (PS4 and PS5)

Little Nightmares II is a 2.5D horror platformer that presents the adventure of a boy named Mono, full of negative emotions. Together with his friend, he must face dangers that will prevent him from reaching his goal, which is to find the main character of the first installment of the series. The production focuses on dexterity and logical puzzles, the execution of which is rewarded with moving to the next stage of the terrifying story.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon (PS4 and PS5)

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is the latest installment of the brand focusing on the accounts of Japanese criminal groups. This time we take control of Ichibana Kasuge, who is not completely lucky in life. He spent a lot of time, 18 years in prison, only to be betrayed by his old companions. He ends up in Yokohama, where a whole new adventure awaits him.

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