for the police the child was killed

Harmony Montgomery disappeared in 2019. New evidence led the police to investigate the murder: the 5-year-old girl was allegedly killed.

The small one Harmony Montgomery only had 5 years when, in 2019, his traces were lost in Manchester (in New Hampshire). The police were informed of his disappearance even two years later, in 2021. Today, those involved in the investigation have no doubts: the child is dead. It would therefore be a case of murder, not of disappearance. To make him think there is new biological evidence that no one wanted to reveal publicly and that they direct towards the search for a murderer.

The Harmony Montgomery Story

In her short life Harmony Montgomery had to deal with a difficult childhood, made up of abuse and abandonment, due to drug addiction of the mother. THE social services they have been looking after her for some time, but have not been able to avoid the worst of epilogues. The child initially lived alone with her mother Sorey, who lost custody in 2018, due to her drug problems. At that point she moved to her father Adam, but even here the situation has degenerated. Several times there have been reports to childcare services by people concerned about the bruises and red marks the little girl had often on the face and body.

Despite this, the man has never been investigated. Only in January 2022 was he arrested on assault charges for hitting Harmony in the face in July 2019. He pleaded not guilty, but is in prison. The last time Harmony was seen alive was at the home of Kayla, David’s new partner, just before Christmas 2019. She said she brought her baby back to her mother’s house in Massachusetts. But this version does not match with that of Sorey, who said she saw her daughter for the last time during a video call around Easter that year.

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How Harmony Montgomery died

It seems to have arrived the long-awaited breakthroughthat turned the missing case into a murder investigation. New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu said on Twitter: “Our greatest fears have been confirmed today and now our efforts are directed towards ensuring justice for Harmony. I admire the tireless dedication of the law enforcement community to their unwavering efforts and commitment to transparency and recognize that they have a lot of work ahead of them. We learned about Harmony through her bright smiles in her photos and she won’t be forgotten“.

Authorities believe the girl was killed in Manchester in December 2019. Without a body, any kind of reconstruction is difficult, but the new biological evidence (not better clarified) does not give hope for something different. The case in recent months has had a wide media coverage, the community has been very active in giving its contribution, in raising awareness and in not letting the story fall into oblivion, to give justice to the child.

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