For the purposes of a scene, this actor dunked himself in a tub of hot chocolate

news culture For the purposes of a scene, this actor dunked himself in a tub of hot chocolate

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Being an actor means using your acting skills to bring a character to life. This often happens through dialogue and physical play, but, in many cases, you have to introduce your personality to make for great visuals. Stunts, hours of make-up or special situations, you have to be ready for almost anything

Wonka: Origin of the Chocolate Wizard

if you’ve ever seen even a part of the making of Lord of the Ringsyou saw that Actors’ preparation can be very long, From make-up to prostheses and costumes, many of them had to get up hours before to shoot even the smallest scene.

more recently, Tom Cruise’s appetite for stunts was exposed, as well as the extreme care taken in the making of John Wick for action scenes. Sometimes things aren’t that complicated, but they aren’t any less original either. as you may know, The year 2023 will mark the return of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or thereabouts, more or less directly after two films novel by roald dahlHollywood is directly interested in the strange master chocolatier.

Logically Titled Wonka, This New Movie Will Explore the Origins of the Character, previously played by Gene Wilde and Johnny Depp. For this new adaptation, the role was assigned to one of the stars of the time. Timothée Chalamet, He became famous after his performance in call me by your nameHe really burst into the public eye don’t look up, french dispatch but also more duneby Gilles Villeneuve.

Would you like Timothée Chalamet in your hot chocolate?

The film will tell about the youth of Willy Wonka, about his meeting with the Oompa-Loompas To build the famous chocolate factory. Everything happens in a corrupt world where the populace can face the wrath of the authorities if they dare to think out of the box. With the Franco-American star, we’ll find Hugh Grant, Keegan-Michael Key or Olivia Colman,

A very solid cast whose performance we will be looking forward to from 15 december, But for Timothée Chalamet, filming took a strange turn, and we can’t say he didn’t give in. in a specific scene, The actor took a special kind of bath, The latter has actually doused himself in a tank full of hot chocolate.

We set up a really big tub of hot chocolate – not too hot, just hot chocolate that they could submerge themselves in. (…) There was a lot of chocolate around, said Paul King, director of the feature film.

This is a scene in which Willy Wonka would be with his new friend Noodle, played by Kailah Lane, The character doesn’t appear in the original story, but Paul King felt it along with his writers. it was important to build To outline the development of Willy Wonka:

This is the story of how you go from being a normal person to the Willy Wonka that we know. It was a good time to start with her by presenting her as a very nice, very open person. She needed someone more eccentric to show her the truth of the world, that not everyone is beautiful, sweet, and kind, and that bad things happen along the way.

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