For the Talos Actor, Losing Spider-Man Would Have Been a Tragedy

The failed farewell of Spider-Man at the Marvel Cinematic Universe caused the franchise fans to breathe a sigh of relief, but not only: Tom Holland’s colleagues themselves said they were more than relieved by the peaceful resolution of things between Disney and Sony.

Last to express his satisfaction for Spidey’s stay among the Avengers was one of the latest arrivals at Marvel, that Ben Mendelsohn who, in Captain Marvel first and then Spider-Man: Far From Home, we saw in the role of Skrull Talos.

” You can’t remove Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s one of our c *** or porn stars. I could name you at least thirty superheroes that you could easily miss before thinking about letting go of Spider-Man. I can’t think of a single Marvel character that is more important than him. You have Hulk, you have Thor … But none of them is as important as Spider-Man. None of them” said the actor.

Disney and Sony, for their part, admitted that the fan reaction was very important for the decision to keep Spider-Man in the MCU. Returning to the scene with Talos present after the end credits of Spider-Man: Far From Home, instead, someone has perhaps managed to explain how we could have arrived.

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