For these skrki CS: GO Valve will pay $ 1.7 million – results of the Dreams & Nightmares competition

It cannot be denied that the skins and cosmetic items in CS: GO bring Valve quite a lot of income. There are thousands of skins and special boxes to hide in the Steam Market every day. And while players may have gotten used to the fact that more skrek sets are added to the game from time to time, the latest seventeen is so special that e comes from the Dreams & Nightmares competition (Polish: Dreams and Nightmares), in which fans were the designers of patterns for their favorite weapons. The competition was announced in Julyand, ultimately, not only were the numbers of awards increased, but also the prize pools were raised.

Our team looked at over 15,000 submissions from artists all over the world and decided that ten winning entries would not be enough. So an additional seven (seventeen in all) were selected and the prize pool increased to $ 1.7 million.

The winning entries were created by twenty-four different artists, fourteen of whom worked for the first time on the Steam Workshop. […]

Among the works of the winners we will find skins for, among others AK-47, MP9, MP7, FAMAS and many, many other weapons. Valve will contact the artists to properly prepare all skins for implementation in CS GO as part of the Dreams & Nightmares box.

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