Força da Amazônia: Amazonas FC receives support from the state and is promoted to Serie B in its fourth season

What can we make in 4 years?a Neo Kimika Arenamarried letter to the corinthianswas built over this period in time for the start of the 2014 World Cup. Amazonas FC It took the same four years to establish and left the Series B of the Amazonense Championship. Brazilian Championship 2nd Division in 2024, Series B.For that they won 2-0 Botafogo vs. PB, This Saturday, towards the final round of Series C; He will face Brusque in the judging. In its short history, it has received financial support from the Amazonas state government and is already planning to implement its plans. Society of Football Limited (SAF).

In 2019, a group of businessmen sought to form an organized club in Amazonas state. A team from this region has not competed in the Brazilian Championship Series B since San Raimundo in 2006. Wesley Couto, founder and president of Amazonas FC, joined his two other partners to formalize the project. This expectation means that the city of Manaus has met his expectations of access for the first time in 17 years. Vice President Fabiano Ibo says: Estadon Seventy percent of the tickets for Arena Amazonia, which was built for the 2014 World Cup, were already sold on Tuesday for this Saturday’s match. Tickets were already sold out before the game. The stadium has a capacity of approximately 44,000 people.

With last weekend’s win against Paysandu, Amazonas FC only needed a draw to move up to Serie B. photograph: Judison Sampaio/AMFC

The idea came about in 2017 when Couto met with then-Rio Negro coach William Abreu and Nacional president Roberto Peguy after a classic match between the two teams. Two years later, they both resigned and left their jobs at the club, but they managed to get their idea off the ground and founded Amazonas FC in May of the same year. 2019. He became a professional player in the Amazon Football Federation (FAF) in September. Mr. Abreu was a councilor of the PTB and a member of the Secretariat for Justice, Human Rights and Civil Rights (Sejusku), but he left the organization in 2021.

The colors, shield and mascot represent the jaguar, the animal symbol of the Amazon region, which forms the basis of the club. From the first moment Amazonas looks like a club unlike any other. “We were SAF before there was a law,” Peggy says. The club’s origins were three businessmen. He ensures that the decisions made by the group at the beginning of the project were the basis for the team’s short-term success.

Amazonas won the state championship in 2023. photograph: Judison Sampaio/AMFC

In his first year, he qualified for the Division 1 state championship. This season marked the most important moment in the club’s short history, and in subsequent years they gained access every year, with the exception of 2020, when they were unable to play in any competitions due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Just kidding, we’ve been together four years, but we’ve only really played three seasons,” says Peggy, the club’s executive director. In 2023, he also won the Amazonense Championship.

Continues after promotion

Estadon He also asked the club president to comment on the history of Amazonas. However, Couto was suspended for 100 days by the Superior Court of Justice for Sport (STJD) after getting into a scuffle with members of the Paysandu technical committee during this year’s Series C match in Manaus. Therefore, he cannot speak publicly on behalf of the club.

“If you don’t have the minimum structure in place to function as a company, you won’t find everything,” Peggy says. Amazonas uses an “agile” organization, where all directors sit at the table to discuss matters that need to be deliberated. “We have made adjustments on how to comply with SAF law. This should start in the next few months, but as we are a new club and didn’t understand the law very well, we will need a bit more time. I was confident in my ability to do so.”

You cannot build a successful club without investment, like Amazonas in the Brazilian scenario. master sponsor, state government It has been the club’s main funder since last year.This is repeated in national policy, and in July 7.5 million reais for all clubs of the state. In addition to Amazonas, other clubs also “benefited” from public funds directly from Governor Wilson Lima (Brazil União). They are Nacional FC, Manaus FC and Princesa do Solimões. On the Amazonas side, teams also use sports venues in the state for training.

“The CBF today has strong ties to Amazonas. Nacional leads Series D and Amazonas leads Series C. There is also women’s football. The federation has been organizing grassroots competitions since the age of eight. all with the support of Governor Wilson Lima. And importantly, with the full support of the state government, we are organizing the largest championship for the traditional peoples of Amazonas. It will be held. This is historic,” declared Amazon Football Federation President Ednailson Rozenya.

On the Amazonas side, sponsorship will be done in stages. This year, the country transferred 671,000 reais to the club, of which 500,000 reais was due to the Series C dispute, and the board has decided to provide sponsorship support to adapt to new seasons and access whenever they occur. It emphasizes that both parties are discussing a reassessment of the issue. to other rivals in the competition. This will happen, Peggy assures, the team is now in Series B. More transfers will be needed.

Deputy Joana D’Arc celebrated this year’s Amazonas State Championship with fans. photograph: Judison Sampaio/AMFC

Continues after promotion

In addition, the club also received funding this year through a transfer of parliamentary amendment. Amazon Transparency Portal In May, state deputy Joana D’Arc (Unian Brasil) allocated R$3.5 million to develop the team’s youth division. He also asked the State Comptroller and Comptroller (TCE) to analyze the move to ensure it did not violate constitutional procedures.

“This year, in addition to the acquisition of sports equipment, I will allocate resources to a social project developed by Amazonas FC to start a football school in the community of Manaus and in the interior of the state. No funds will be invested in the club. , everything will be invested in social projects carried out through the team. Sports, especially grassroots sports, are also a priority and deserve support, ”said the deputy in May via social networks.

Joana is a fan of the club, attended the 2023 state championship celebration, and is the wife of Aldenor Lima, one of Amazonas FC’s businessmen. “Amazonas is the only club eligible to enter into a partnership with the state government of Amazonas. We called for several clubs and only Amazonas was approved. (common name for the state championship) and the team that presented me with the project and said, “Let’s build it with multiple hands.” And I’m a fan,” he defended the deputy in an interview with a local network at the time.

Check memo from Amazonas State Government, address to send Estadonabout sponsorship and investment in Amazon Football

The Amazonas state government has announced that it has transferred to the Amazon Football Federation (FAF) in the form of sponsorship, with the aim of revitalizing professional football and sports in the state from 2021. This year, the government transferred R$7.5 million pro rata to each club in certain competitions, based on a total allocation plan drawn up by the FAF.

In this way, Amazonas received R$ 100,000 for participating in the Amazonian Championship in 2021. In 2022, he rejoined Amazonense for 140,000 reais, and for participating in Series D he received another 200,000 reais, for a total of 340,000 reais. This year, the club received 671,250 reais, 171,250 reais from Amazonense and 500,000 reais from Serie C.

Investment from the Amazonas state government has been essential for the club, also known as Honça Pintada, to gradually rise through the ranks in recent years.

Continues after promotion

The sponsorship comes as a result of demand from Amazon Soccer, which is gaining national prominence, including women’s and men’s professional soccer. Additionally, the government is making state grounds available for free, allowing teams to train before competitions, such as the state of Amazonas, which is about to qualify for the second division of the Brazilian championship. The last time a state representative competed in Series B was 17 years ago.

Club philosophy and challenges

Before their historic campaign in Series C, Amazonas won their first Division 1 title in the Campeonato Amazonense in 2023. From 2019 until winning the championship, the club changed its perspective. Initially, I was betting on experienced players. For the first few years, it was Maicon Leite, Ibson, and Walter. Former Botafogo and Cruzeiro player Sassa has taken on a veteran role in Amazon’s sports project this season. The striker is the team’s captain and the top scorer.

Sassa scored both goals against Paysandu last weekend. He played 20 games in Serie C and scored 17 goals. At the age of 29, he restarted his career path with Amazonas. “He came with a tarnished image, but he knows that the philosophy of Amazonas is work and high performance. Those who did not understand this project left. And Sassa accepted the challenge. He is one of the people who helped us tremendously with our Series C,” says Peggy.

Sassa is Amazonas FC’s top scorer and captain this season. photograph: Judison Sampaio/AMFC

The team’s coach, Luisinho Vieira, led Amazonas in the final stages of Series C. The team has won three games in a row and now only needs a draw this Saturday to advance. The pay slip is The team’s total amount has not been disclosed due to confidentiality, but when it was founded in 2019, it was planned to be no more than 50,000 reais. If access is confirmed, the seat is likely to be adapted to the Series B rival, but the value is yet to be defined.

But Amazonas’ dream is to actually compete in Series A alongside the greats of Brazilian soccer. With investment from the state and the potential creation of SAF, the club plans to compete with other competitors in Series B and maintain its goal of progressing to the top every season. “We need to reinvent ourselves once again from a management perspective. We will spend the rest of this year on strategic planning and management restructuring to support our investment amount with a Series B and, God willing, 1 “We want to make sure that we reach the highest standards,” emphasizes the Amazonas director. The last time a club from the state appeared in Series A was in 1986 at Nacional.

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