Ford has successfully dealt with the chip shortage. This is the end of a long wait for a new car

The US Ford suffered from the chip shortage crisis and had to halt production at its plants several times. Due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturer decided to take matters into their own hands and prevent further crises.

A partnership with GlobalFoundries addresses the Ford chip shortage

As you know, car makers are struggling for another year to survive in the market, while the semiconductor shortage is still a pressing problem. Ford has already tried many ways to reduce the impact of a chip shortage by temporarily halting production at its facilities.

Meanwhile, as it turns out, this is not an effective method, because, despite the passage of time, not much has changed in this topic. Therefore, the car manufacturer from Detroit chose the method that allows him to fight the problem most effectively – he established cooperation with a semiconductor manufacturer.

Ford Mustang Mach-E 2021 red

Will Ford get rid of the problem once and for all?

According to Autoevolution, Ford has joined forces with GlobalFoundries. Strategic cooperation will undoubtedly bring obvious benefits for car production.

GlobalFoundries will provide semiconductor supplies for Ford’s current lineup of cars, the US automaker proudly announced in a press release. This will surely please his customers who dream of a new car.

Cooperation means faster delivery of semiconductors necessary for the production. This, in theory, will help minimize disruptions to Ford’s factories. In the contract with Ford, GF undertook to supply as many chips as the manufacturer needs.

In addition, the two companies will collaborate to research and develop new solutions for systems that will go to the manufacturer’s new generation of cars. It seems that Ford has just successfully made sure that it will never again be affected by the crisis it is currently struggling with.

Ford shortage of semiconductors
Photo: Ford

If you were wondering whether to order a new Ford – you can do it without fear

As we learn, Ford will work with GF to develop exactly the semiconductors it needs. These include semiconductor solutions for ADAS and battery management systems, which Ford explains in writing in its press release that the partnership will explore “extended semiconductor manufacturing capabilities to support the automotive industry”

In theory, this is the path to closer collaboration between car manufacturers and semiconductor manufacturers in the future.

The chip crisis will not disappear overnight by taking into account a partnership agreement, but it will allow the crisis to be resolved much faster. Which means you won’t have to wait long for a new car.

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