Ford Ranger – premiere of a new model. It resembled the iconic F-150

The new Ford Ranger, in contrast to its predecessor, which was dominated by curves, “went” into the edges. The new, muscular body refers to the recently presented bigger brother of Rangere – the Ford F-150. A single bar sits on top of a larger and more prominent radiator grille and merges into new C-shaped headlights. The latter feature stylish daytime running lights and newly available Matrix LED technology. I must admit that the whole thing makes a great impression – there is probably no such aggressive and character-looking pickup truck on the market. With such an appearance, the Ranger has a chance to become simply a fashionable car that will emphasize the style of its owner … of course, unless there is a fashion for metrosexual men again.

New Ranger – some technical data

Behind the new body is a slightly modernized chassis with a wheelbase that is 50 mm longer and a track width 50 mm wider than in the predecessor. Thanks to the changes, more space has been created in the engine compartment for the new V6 power unit. This is a 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine developed specifically for the Ranger. It is one of the three turbo engine options available at the time the car was launched. The others are the well-known 2-liter, four-cylinder diesel with one turbocharger and the Bi Turbo. The base engine is available in two different drive versions.

In addition to diesel, the offer will also include a 2.3-liter gasoline engine, the same one we know from the Ford Mustang, among others. In addition to the six-speed manual gearbox, there will be a six-speed automatic gearbox and an upgraded ten-speed automatic gearbox. Which will hit the Polish market? We don’t know that yet.

Ford has not yet revealed the details of the engine parameters. It is already known, however, that there will be a choice of two four-wheel drive systems – with electronic engagement of both axles while driving or the new permanent four-wheel drive system with “set it and forget it” mode.

Moving the front axle forward allowed for a better angle of attack. Rear suspension shock absorbers have also been moved beyond the frame rails, which is to improve comfort, both when driving on paved roads. There are also double hooks in the front bumper to help lift the car out of the mud.

New solutions on board the Ranger

There are some clever solutions in the new Ford Ranger, incl. spring-loaded cleats on the sides of the load box, a new system of movable partitions for the trough, steps behind the rear wheel for easy access to the cargo space and a zone lighting system – controlled via the on-board screen or the FordPass app – allows you to illuminate the car’s surroundings within a 360-degree radius.

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An interesting solution is also the additional functionalities of the rear side. It has additional holes, handles and … a ruler, so it can be transformed into a mobile work table, e.g. for cutting building materials.

Ford Ranger – new cab with new management center

The heart of Ranger communication is the 10.1-inch or 12-inch touchscreen located in the center console. Many traditional functions will be controlled from the screen, whether you like it or not, but that’s what we are trending now. It will also be possible to connect with the car using the FordPass Connect application. This enables, among others remote activation of some functions, including opening and closing the car. The display is also connected to the 360-degree camera system, which makes parking in tight city spaces easier or helps when driving in the field.

Finally, bad news for Ranger fans

It will take a long time for the new Ford pick-up to arrive. Subscription lists will not be opened in Europe until the end of 2022, and delivery to the first customers will not take place until the beginning of 2023. It’s an awful long time. If you can’t wait, the current Ranger remains the top-selling pick-up truck in Europe.

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