Ford stops production of the historic Fiesta

Do you all know the Ford Fiesta? There have been many editions that have followed one another since the launch of the first model by the Blue Oval House in 1976. A car that seemed destined for a never-ending story, and which unfortunately today we must prepare to say goodbye forever.

At the moment they seem to be just rumors, but by the end of June 2023 most likely the production of the Ford Fiesta will end at the German plant in Cologne. The top management of the American brand recently confirmed the rumors, so one of the brand’s most loved cars is ready to say goodbye.

The long history of Ford Fiesta is therefore destined to end, it does not seem true, but it is. There are clearly some reasons at the basis of this choice so painful.

Because we will say goodbye to the Ford Fiesta

One of the main reasons why Ford has decided to stop the production of Fiesta is obviously related to drop in sales related to this model. Unfortunately, today what was one of the most loved cars of all by customers, we know it well – there are many Ford Fiestas that we see circulating on the streets of our cities every day – is no longer among the favorites on the market.

The most popular and most successful models in the automotive landscape today, as we can see in the official sales rankings, are SUVs and crossovers. And all the brands in the sector are adapting to this new trend, even Ford is progressively moving its range towards this category of vehicles. An example? The new Ford Puma, now with high wheels, which has far surpassed the Ford Fiesta in number of registrations in Europe.

The fate of a very successful historical model

The news of the last few hours is not really a surprise, we could have expected it. In fact, let’s not forget that the three-door Ford Fiesta is no longer produced since last summer. The House had already decided to rationalize the range, focusing exclusively on the even best-selling variants.

Ford had also already talked about the decline in sales of this model, so the total stop decision was just around the corner. Another reason why the company has decided to say goodbye to the Ford Fiesta forever is related to its own Mild Hybrid engines which, compared to those of some direct competitors on the market, are decidedly less advanced and performing.

The other Ford models

One of the models that is gaining momentum today a great success on the market is undoubtedly Ford Puma, car we talked about a lot. In the next few years it will also be produced in its very first 100% electric variant. Ford, like many other brands in the auto sector, is accelerating its electrification plan in Europe (the EU has now decided to say goodbye to petrol and diesel engines for good).

The Oval House is investing in the Cologne plant, to prepare it for the production of electric cars; it wants to create a new battery assembly plant, which should start operating in 2024. Ford would like to produce around 200,000 electric vehicles per year at the production site in Cologne. We will follow the developments.

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