Foreign media rumbles: Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer meet! Fans of “Friends” dream of them becoming a couple: Better than Bennifer

In May, a special episode of “Friends” was broadcast, for which the fans of the series had been waiting for 17 years. The stars of the hit production returned to the set to reminisce and reveal interesting secrets from those years. The greatest emotions were aroused by the confession of the series Ross, who revealed that he and Jennifer Aniston were extremely close to each other. The latest reports of foreign websites only fuel the interest around the couple (?). And how hot it is!

Foreign media rumbles: Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer meet! Fans of “Friends” dream of becoming a couple: Better than Bennifer

David Schwimmer confessed in a special episode of “Friends” that during the recording of the first season, he had a crush on Jennifer Aniston. It turned out that the series Rachel reciprocated his feelings. Unfortunately, they did not have the opportunity to find out if it was true love.

At one point, we both had a strong crush on each other, but it was like two ships passing by. One of us has always been in a relationship and we never crossed that line, he said.

Jakob Kosel, Joanna Opozda, Antek KrólikowskiThe stars congratulate Antek Królikowski and Joanna Opoździe

However, this is not their last word. Foreign portal Closer Online has reached an informant who says Jen and David are having an affair! After almost 20 years, they realized that they were destined for each other.

After the reunion, it became clear that recalling the past had aroused feelings for both of them, and that the chemistry they had always had to suppress was still there.

Jennifer Aniston, David SchwimmerJennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer ONS

Lovers are not to waste any time.

They began texting immediately after recording, and last month David flew from his home in New York to see Jen in Los Angeles, the informant reports.

On Closer Online we also read that Aniston cooked delicious dinners for Schwimmer. They were reportedly having a great time, and were even caught drinking wine as they were “in conversation, walking around one of Jen’s favorite vineyards in Santa Barbara.”

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Loyal fans of the cult sitcom hope that the actors will officially announce their relationship soon.

If that’s true, maybe life is complete.

He is her lobster (editor’s note – a reference to the famous scene in “Friends”).

This is better than the return of Bennifer! – they wrote.

Jennifer and David’s spokesmen deny the rumors. However, as you know – there is a grain of truth in each of them …

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