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“I’ve talked to a few producers, and they have confirmed that a diferena of colossal power.”

The debate over which of the new consoles and the more powerful the Xbox Series or PlayStation, the 5, continues.

At this time, to Chris Grannell, a former designer at Sony who worked for the company since 1996 and acts for 2010 and has participated in the production of games such as WipEout HD: Fury and Killzone 2, he gave his opinion on Twitter.

In spite of his involvement in a indstria dos video-games, and Chris Grannell left indstria from the video games in the middle of 2013, in order to establish the Urban Zoo Studios is a technology company with a focus on the sport, and has as its clients some of the English clubs.

On Twitter, Chris Grannell noted that he spoke with some of the producers of the video game, and that they have confirmed that in the Xbox Series the X is more powerful than the PS5.

“I’ve talked to a few producers, and they have confirmed that a diferena of colossal power. However, I was told that this is the means thou canst to make good games on the PS5. These fanboys clearly want to know it, and they are very upset.”

Even among the farmers, and the apreciaes the PS5 will vary quite a lot. In the past week Andrea Pessino of Ready At Down, she said that the PS5 was going to be on one of the consoles, the more revolucionrias ever.

Until now Sony is still on and showed no running game on the PS5, and even in the presentation of the especificaes, he chose to focus on such things as the for backward compatibilitythe the speed of the SSD and it’s a the engine’s sound, which has the support of hundreds of sound sources in different.

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