Former president reveals that Brazilian giant almost closed the hiring of Neymar in 2013: “I was going to play two years”

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The player’s father had already commented on the matter

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One of the main stars of world football, Neymar has been working in Europe since 2013, when he was hired by Barcelona. The player left Santos after five great seasons, being, arguably, the biggest name in Brazil at that time.

Andrés Sánchez says Neymar almost played for Corinthians in 2013

However, what few know is that, that year, Neymar’s fate could have been quite different. That’s because Andrés Sánchez, former president of Timão, said, in an interview with the podcast “De Lavada”, that he almost signed the striker in 2013, but that he had already given his word to Barça:

“One day he’ll play yet. If we’re around, he’ll play. I can’t say everything, but he was going to play, it’s just that he had already agreed with Barcelona, ​​he had given the floor to Barcelona. I arrived 10 days ago. late. If I arrive 12 days early, he would play for two years at Corinthians. But it was a real proposal, with a letter of guarantee and everything”

Neymar Jr.’s father and manager, Neymar, in a live with Beto Saad, confirmed the conversations with Andrés:

“He said ‘stay at Corinthians for a while and then you leave. I fulfill the deal’. And it was going to work out because he was already pulling strings with Barcelona. I said ‘from Santos to Corinthians, the guys kill me. Let it go first, let my son go make a career out there and then we’ll talk. Not like that.”

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