Former Rio de Janeiro Governor Francisco Dornelles dies at 88

Francisco Oswaldo Neves Dornells died this Wednesday (23rd) at the age of 88. The politician has been in a private hospital in Rio since May.

Dornells devoted his life to politics. He has served as minister, senator, deputy federal deputy, and governor of Rio de Janeiro.

He was born into a political family in Belo Horizonte. On his father’s side, he is a second cousin to former President Getulio Vargas. On his mother’s side, he is the nephew of former presidents Tancredo Neves and former president Humberto Castelo Branco. He is the second cousin of former Senator and former Governor of Minas, Aesio Neves.

Dornelles graduated from the University of Brazil (now the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)) with a degree in Law and Finance.

He began his political career in 1959 with his uncle Tancredo Neves at the Minas Gerais State Treasury. He then became Tancredo’s private secretary during his tenure as prime minister.

As Federal Revenue Secretary in 1979, he created the lion symbol as a representative image of the income tax and its system.

In 1985, he became the Ministry of Finance in the country’s first civilian government after the fall of the military dictatorship. Dornelus was elected by President-elect Tancredo Neves and remained in office in the government of José Sarney, who became President of the Republic after Tancredo’s death.

The following year he was elected as a federal vice-senator for the first time and was re-elected four more terms. As a Constituent Assembly, Donnells participated in the ratification of the 1988 Federal Constitution.

In Fernando Enrique Cardoso’s government, he was secretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Labor.

In 2006, he was elected to the Senate of Rio de Janeiro.

In March 2016, Dorneles, then deputy governor of Rio, took over the state government on an interim basis when Luis Fernando Pezan took time off for cancer treatment. In doing so, he became the first governor to declare a state of public crisis in the state’s financial sector. The move came 49 days before the opening of the Rio Olympics.

In 2018, Mr. Petzang decisively took over the state government after he was arrested in Operation Raba Jat. He remained in office for 32 days before handing it over to Wilson Witzel, who was elected governor.

>> See condolence notes on Mr. Dornells’ death:

Acting President and Minister of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services Gerald Alcumin said on social networks that he was disappointed by the news and expressed solidarity with the former governor’s family and friends. “I am saddened to receive the news of the passing of former Governor, former Senator and former Minister Francisco Dornells, who had a long career in public service, including Minister of Commerce under the President of the FHC. My friends, my condolences and prayers. ‘ ‘.

Rio Governor Claudio Castro said Brazil “lost one of the most responsible, expressive and worthy representatives of the Brazilian people” and left behind a legacy of dialogue and struggle for democracy. Stated.

“With an impeccable background, he has become a role model for the political class with his advice, exchange of experiences and inspirational actions, just like a father to the younger generation,” he said. Castro has declared three days of mourning across the state.

Mayor Eduardo Paez wrote on social networks that Dornells was a great adviser. “In the past 20 years, I have never moved a single step in my political trajectory without first being consulted. Hugs and love to your life partner Cecilia and your daughters.My heartfelt condolences to my fellow progressives and my many friends.”

The Progressive Party (PP), of which Mr Dornells was honorary president, said Mr Dornells left Brazil with a legacy of ethics, responsibility, humility and dedication.

“There is an immense void in Brazilian politics and in the hearts of each member of Congress, and Progressa extends his deepest condolences to the bereaved families. Francisco Dornelus, who has taught us so much by his actions, today departs from life to immortality.May God be with you, President forever!”

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