Former Sampaio Correa player Igor Catatau banned from world football

Igor Katatau was accused of co-opting his club teammates into the scheme

Igor Catataud was accused of incorporating his club teammates into the scheme (Ronald Felipe/Sampaio Correa)

Sauluís – According to information from the newspaper O Globo’s blog “Panorama Esportivo”, FIFA has accepted the decision of the High Court of Justice for Sport (STJD) and banned former Sampaio Correa striker Igor Catataud from remaining activities. . Banned from world football for life for his involvement in a gambling manipulation scheme. In addition to Katato, Gabriel Tota and Mateus Filipp were also banned worldwide. These three players were previously banned only within Brazil. Former players Sampaio Mateusinho, Andre Luiz and Paulo Sergio were also given 720-day suspensions and fines.

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STJD bans Igor Catataud from football and suspends Paulo Sergio and Mateusinho for two years.See text

Signals, penalties and charges: find out more about the investigation into Sampaio Correa’s defender and four former club players

Igor Catattau (striker), Mateusinho (fullback), Paulo Sergio (defender), Alain Godoy (defender) and Andre Ruiz (midfielder) were involved in a gambling operation scheme while playing for Sampaio Correa. was accused of doing so. However, the maximum penalty imposed by the STJD was only on Igor Katattau, who currently plays as an Iranian soccer player. Accused of being one of the “leaders” of the plot, the attacker was banned from football and must pay a fine of R$70,000. Katatau was identified as the person responsible for recruiting clubmates. This suspension was only applied on a domestic basis as it was applied by STJD, and he continued to play normally for his team Sepahan. However, this Monday (11th), FIFA expanded the penalty to the entire world.

Defender Paulo Sergio has been suspended from professional football for 720 days (two years) and must also pay a fine of R$70,000. Right-back Mateusinho was also suspended for 720 days and fined R$70,000. Andre Luiz was sentenced to pay a fine of R$50,000, but was not given any suspension by the football world. Meanwhile, Alan Godoy was acquitted as his involvement in the scheme could not be proven.

Players suspended around the world still have the chance to appeal FIFA’s decision. They can file a lawsuit with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). For the decision to stand, the CBF passed on STJD’s request to FIFA. After analysis, it was accepted and its scope was expanded to all federations around the world.

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