Former Sony vice president caught by pedophile tracking group

In the aforementioned video, you can see how George Cacioppo, holding the position of S.enior Vice President Engineering on PlayStation Network, she tries to meet a 15-year-old boy. He has been associated with Sony since 2013, but the scandalous behavior led to an immediate dismissal.

There is a channel behind the publication of the video People v. Predswho, impersonating minor victims, tries to track down pedophiles, sets traps for them and, if caught red-handed, notifies the police. In addition to the film, the creators of the Pv.P channel also published screenshots, messages and photos that a Sony employee exchanged with people he took for a 15-year-old child. Sony’s response was immediate. Cacioppo was fired shortly after the movie with his participation went online.

The video shows a cameraman approaching Cacioppo and calling him “Jeff”, under which a former Sony employee was hiding. We can see the 64-year-old George in the film as in a PS5 T-shirt runs away home, refuses to talk and closes the door in front of the face of the person impersonating a 15-year-old child. The operator shouts that he is calling the police.

George Cacioppo was caught on Grindr where he was trying to make an appointment with a young boy. As it turned out, it was a trap, and the profile of the 15-year-old girl belonged to the members of the People v. Preds team. Interlocutors exchanged photos and arranged a sexual meeting.

Apart from Sony’s official statement that the company is aware of the gravity of the situation and has fired the employee, little is known. Neither Cacioppo nor the San Diego Police have commented on the case. Moreover, the film does not show whether the police were even called to the scene. The development of the case is definitely worth watching.

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