Former Wisła footballer on the backstage of the sold match. “There were years of pressure from Legion activists to shut up”

Grzegorz Szeliga recently admitted selling Wisła Kraków’s match against Legia Warszawa in the last round of the 1992/93 season. The former footballer confessed that for years the activists of the capital club demanded silence from him on this matter.

Before the last round of the 1992/93 season, two teams had a chance for the Polish championship. Both of them fought for the title and organized shootouts. Legia won away from Wisła 6-0 and finally won the championship. ŁKS was not enough to defeat Olimpia Poznań 7: 1.

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Suspicions about the fairness of both meetings immediately arose. PZPN finally canceled their results, and recognized Lech as the third at the finish line.

The events from nearly 30 years ago still arouse enormous emotions. Legia still recognizes itself as the rightful champion.

The confession of Szeliga, who confessed to selling the Legia match, shed new light on this matter. He had connections in her because he was her footballer before.

– I knew all the players of Legia at that time, they were stalked, but the proposal came from the activists of the Warsaw club. They came up to me outside the stadium, put the money in my pants pocket, and told me to get down. Then, for years, there were pressure from Legion activists to shut up. For this reason, I have been silent for so many years. I live in Warsaw, I can see the Legia stadium through the window – said Szeliga in “Przegląd Sportowy”.

The former footballer does not remember the amount he received from Legia activists. He only repeats that “there were four in front”.

– After the game I took a taxi to Nowa Huta. I came to the apartment. I put the money on my wife’s table. At 11 p.m. we packed our car because we had to flee Krakow. I was afraid for my family. At three in the morning we arrived in Warsaw, at the Central Railway Station. Legia fans enjoyed the championship there. What I felt then is indescribable … – admitted Szeliga.

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