Former WWE superstar enters the Marvel Universe

In recent years, superhero cinema has dominated and has absorbed practically all possible actors, so much so that it is now impossible not to take the side of one of the two great giants, namely Marvel and DC Comics.

Even the world of wrestling is not immune to it and various athletes have been involved in this great feud. Batista has carved out his slice of popularity among Marvel’s ranks with the role of the entertaining giant of the Guardians of the Galaxy Drax, while John Cena has taken the opposite side and is the anti-hero and former member of the Suicide Squad Peacemaker for DC Comics.

While we await Bad Bunny’s debut as the lead in the film about Spider-Man’s half-known rival El Muerto and The Rock’s DC as Black Adam, another well-known old WWE face has unexpectedly appeared in one of two worlds. .

David Otunga in the trailer for ” She Hulk ”

In recent days, the first trailer of the Marvel TV series “ She Hulk ” has been released all over the world, which will talk about the events of Jennifer Walter, the cousin of Dr. Bruce Banner who will find herself having the same powers as the very muscular Avenger.

The most attentive, however, have noticed the quick appearance of a former WWE wrestler and commentator, or David Otunga. The former Nexus athlete will be one of the many guys who, apparently, will have a date with the green superhero.

Otunga himself then confirmed his presence on Twitter, but without revealing anything.

We therefore know that Otunga has “ shown his biceps to She Hulk ”, but we have no more precise news, to understand in particular if he will have a real role or will only make a brief cameo Seeing the trailer and the enthusiasm all in all not too exorbitant of the former wrestler, however, everything would seem to point to the second hypothesis.

We also remember that this is not Otunga’s first experience in a major film project. In fact, already in 2013 he was chosen for a role that was also quite important in the thriller “ The call ” alongside a very inspired Halle Berry, while in 2019 he attended the comedy for Netflix entitled “ A family funeral for Medea ” and directed by Tyler Perry.

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