Forspoken, the Square-Enix game mocked by users: the trailer becomes a meme

Meanwhile, rumors are spreading that Forspoken is coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming once the exclusive PlayStation 5 console is finished, Square-Enix’s fantasy action game has fallen. victim of derision on the web due to the most recent trailer released by the Japanese publisher.

What you can see at the bottom is thelatest Forspoken trailer, a short video in which the protagonist Frey tells us what she is capable of and describes the creatures she will face in the course of her adventure. The aspect that users have not forgiven Square-Enix is ​​the style of the dubbing of the video: in front of epic scenes with a potentially dramatic impact, our protagonist he seems to take everything very lightlyand also the youthful language is excessively ostentatious, so much so as to be out of place.

The trailer quickly became a source of memes: at the bottom we have reported some short clips that make the verse to the trailer of Forspoken, and which present, for example, the characters of God of War 2019, Bloodborne, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 in a pompous and caricatured way. At the moment thewave of memes just doesn’t seem to want to stopand it is possible that the incident could affect Square-Enix in the continuation of its marketing campaign dedicated to the game.

In anticipation of its debut set at January 24, 2023 on PC and PS5, we refer you to our Forspoken Preview for all the further insights on the new fantasy game from Square-Enix.

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