Fortnite: Ariana Grande is coming soon?

One of the greatest pop stars of recent years – the singer Ariana Grande may soon be another famous character who will join the Fortnite universe: Battle Royale. This is because of speculation based on in-game posters ahead of a certain event.

Ariana Grande is a 28-year-old American singer. His achievements include many prestigious awards for recorded songs. In the past, she has collaborated with such famous music figures as Pharrell Williams, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, and rapper Lil Wayne.

In 2018, the prestigious American music weekly “Billboard” awarded Grande the “Woman of the Year” nomination. The woman is also very active on social media. On her Instagram account, she is followed by 255 million people, which makes her one of the most recognizable musicians in the world. There are many indications that in addition to the world of music, Ariana will enter the world of video games. This is to be done via Fortnite: Battle Royale.

The title from Epic Games is known for involving the greatest pop culture stars in its production. The game “starred”, inter alia, DJ Marshmello and Travis Scott. These creators may soon be joined by the aforementioned Grande. This can be presumed from the posters provided by the developers at Epic.

On the first of them we see a reference to the song “God Is A Woman”, on the second there is the name “Piggy” – just like the name of the animal Grande, and on the last one is a reference to the song “Rain On Me”. All these indications indicate that the studio will soon announce cooperation with the pop star. We do not know exactly on what level this partnership will take place. However, there will probably be a skin with the image of Grande available for purchase. We should find out about it in the next few days.

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