Fortnite – Ariana Grande will earn a fortune at an in-game concert

According to Forbes, the singer who will perform at the concert in Fortnite will earn over $ 20 million.

This is not the compensation Ariana Grande will receive from Fortnite publisher Epic Games, but the expected income related to the event, including from the sale of CDs, gadgets and occasional in-game items. Paul Tassi, a Forbes journalist, bases his estimates on past data. Travis Scott, who performed in Fortnite last year, grossed around $ 20 million. That’s about ten times more than an American rapper charges for one standard concert held in real space.

Tassi predicts that Ariana Grande will earn even more than Travis Scott because she is the more popular artist – she sells more records and has more fans. The final amount that will go to the singer’s account will come from the sale of albums and official gadgets, but also from the sale of the Grande skin and a special backpack that the creators have prepared for the upcoming event.

Ariana Grande will perform as part of an event called Rift Tour, which will run from August 7 to 9, Polish time. “We want to allow fans around the world to watch the Rift Tour, so we’ve spread the launch dates of the event to three days. We recommend fans log into Fortnite 60 minutes before the show; Rift Tour should be available 30 minutes before each show,” Epic Games writes on the official website. website.

Here you can see the details of the event and register with your friends for the shows in which we want to participate. The organizers will also publish all relevant information about the concert on an ongoing basis. All participants of the Rift Tour will receive a commemorative umbrella of the Cozy Cloud Cruiser. Fortnite is invariably a free to play game. Also, participation in the event with Ariana Grande will be free.

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