Fortnite, Collect Stone from a Fork or an Umbrella


Collect stone from a fork or umbrella is one of the new challenges of Fortnite Battle Royale of Week 10 Season 9: here’s how to complete it easily.

Have you ever picked up stone from a Forchello? Do you know where Fortnite Battle’s Royale rocky umbrella is? If you do not know how to answer these questions, you will welcome this new guide dedicated to the challenges of Week 10 Season 9. We will explain how to complete easily and quickly Collect stone from a fork or an umbrella. 

Collect stone from a fork or umbrella is the next mission to collect wood from a pirate or Viking ship, always belonging to the Fortnite challenges of Week 10 Season 9. The next step will be precisely to collect rocks and stones, in two distinct areas of the Epic Games game map. Theforchello is the union of a fork and a knife: the area in question is immediately north of the Lethal Lands, after the cornfields and before the flying platform. 

The stone umbrella is located much further north, just south of the neighborhood and near the Sacking Shores. To complete the challenge you will have to go to one place or another and collect a hundred units of rock from the stones placed there; the image with the map shown below will help you find your way around.

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