‘Fortnite’ Disney Crossover Is Missing a Big Show

Although fortnite While the Disney crossover is filled with references to the Mouse House’s numerous properties and characters, America’s most famous animated family is nowhere to be seen, as The Simpsons doesn’t appear. Disney bought Fox and thus had The Simpsons, but surprisingly they didn’t make the cut.

Considering that Peter Griffin and the giant chicken from Family Guy both appear in Fortnite, and that the show is a Fox production just like The Simpsons, it’s not surprising that Disney’s Fortnite It’s strange not to see The Simpsons in the collaboration reveal.

That doesn’t mean the Simpsons won’t be in the game (in fact, I think it’s only a matter of time before America’s most famous animated family comes to Fortnite), but oddly enough, they haven’t even been teased.

The trailer you can watch below does mention Avatar extensively, so the Fox brand is clearly part of the vision for a Fortnite deal with Disney.

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The Minecraft Simpsons map mod did come out in 2022 but was quickly removed from the web, and that’s roughly the extent of the Simpsons video games we’ve had in recent years, official Minecraft Simpsons “One Family” skin has been launched before this.

We all know that The Simpsons video games have an ongoing fanbase, considering that every time you close your eyes and blink, a hit-and-run remake or a remake of The Simpsons story plays on a loop. With a lore as beloved as Marvel and Star Wars, The Simpsons has become an untapped gold mine of video game potential.

The Disney “Fortnite” deal was announced last week, with Epic and Disney said to be working together to develop “new gaming and entertainment worlds” while the entertainment company invests $1.5 billion in “Fortnite.”

While little is known about what this collaboration in Fortnite will actually look like, the announcement adds that you’ll be able to “play, watch, shop and engage with content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars , Avatar and more.”

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