Fortnite, Epic Games Accuses the Players of Using Cheat: But It Is a Mistake of the Game


Epic Games sent warning messages to Fortnite Chapter 2 players by mistake for cheating: but they were only in spectator mode.

Epic Games, by now it has been clearly understood, has undertaken a zero-tolerance policy towards the use of cheats. However in the last few hours, a very curious fact has happened: the company has accused many Fortnite Chapter 2 players, who in reality we’re not doing anything wrong.

Epic Games has accused the use of cheat players, but it was a game error of Fortnite Chapter 2: the poor unfortunates on duty, in fact, received a warning just as they were in spectator mode, observing the actions of their party mates. For some strange reason, the game has perceived the spectator mode as “teaming”, acting accordingly in sending warnings.

Obviously the company will not take action against these Fortnite players, unlike what has recently been done with the Jarvis case: there the boy was really guilty of using cheats.



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