Fortnite, Epic Games Launches New Skins Dedicated to Banners: Details and Prices

Fortnite banner skins are finally available in the Battle Royale game store: Epic Games shows prices and how they work.

Today 18 July 2019 on the Fortnite shop welcomes for the first time ever a type of cosmetic items (especially skins) completely new: enhance the standards of the player (banners) as never before. 

In the past, the developers of Epic Games had already anticipated that sooner or later the cosmetic objects would have enhanced the banners on Fortnite Battle Royale: that day is today. The new skins dedicated to the banners are numerous, each one is customizable, for example, we note the presence of Brigadier Brando among the female characters and of Cecchino di Classe among the male ones. Every single Skin is offered at the price of 800 V-buck, then 8 euros at the exchange: it is the lowest price ever for a Fortnite Skin. Even the hang gliders, the collection instruments and the decorative backs (available for purchase) are ridiculously priced, and all can be personalized with banners. 

Epic Games¬†has anticipated that in the future many¬†new cosmetic objects will support the banners: to celebrate the novelty in today’s Fortnite shop you will find two¬†free¬†banners, dedicated to the teams of the next Fortnite Battle Royale conflict. The clash between the¬†monster and the robot will take place this Saturday evening: you can get free banners only as a gift from a friend.

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