Fortnite, Fortbyte 70: Where to Find It in Laguna Languida

Fortnite, Fortbyte 70: Where to Find It in Laguna Languida

A short guide (with video) to easily find the Fortbyte 70 of Fortnite Battle Royale, in Laguna Languida with a small challenge to complete.

In these hours the developers of Epic Games have released, like every day in the last month, a new Fortbyte for Fortnite Battle Royale. These are extremely important collectibles to unlock all the cosmetic items of Season 9; in this guide, we will show you how to get the Fortbyte 70. 

The¬†Fortbyte 70¬†of¬†Fortnite Battle Royale¬†is located near the¬†Languid Lagoon, but this time to get it you will have to complete a real challenge/mission as you haven’t seen it until now in Season 9, at least for the Fortbyte issue. First of all, you will have to equip the game cabinet with the¬†Sgargiante trail¬†(it unlocks at level 27 of the Pay Battle Pass);¬†then you will have to launch from the Battle Bus near the Languid Lagoon and hit all the circles, passing through it.¬†

The¬†circles¬†through which you will have to pass will be visible only by equipping the gaudy trail;¬†they are also very easy to see, so it’s hard to miss them.¬†Passing through the last circle you will finally unlock the Fortbyte 70, here is a practical¬†video to revise.¬†Follow it step by step.

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