Fortnite: Leak brings clues to new live show in-game

In addition to being one of the most popular battle royales in the world, Fortnite is also becoming known for putting on amazing virtual shows.

After names like DJ Marshmello, Travis Scott, Ariana Grande and even the Brazilian Emicida join the game’s virtual world, many wonder who will be the next artist to perform. Apparently, the first details of this year’s event are already surfacing on the internet.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is coming to an end, with that, some leaks indicate that it could end in a big way.

With the release of the 20.40 update, those scouring the game’s files for hidden secrets have found the first official teaser of the game’s new event. A specific date and time for these events has not yet been set, but we’ll know more about that soon.

FNBRintel, a well-known source among the gaming community, found in the archives a message aimed at content creators, which serves as a warning to them to avoid copyrighted music so they don’t get a strike during broadcasts.

Although a music concert is not mentioned in the message, it does indicate that the upcoming event will have copyrighted music.

Furthermore, a countdown to the event was also found in the game files, but it is not yet scheduled for the official date.

To further increase speculation, Epic has released a teaser of the event, but that does not reveal any details and leaves even more mysteries.

For now, we can only wait to find out who will be the next artist to perform in the game, which should also get a skin.

Who would you like to see performing in Fortnite?

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