Fortnite, Ninja: “Jarvis of the FaZe Clan Does Not Deserve the Ban to Life”


Fortnite lost another pro player, as Jarvis of the FaZe clan was banned for life from Epic Games; Ninja does not agree with the decision.

In the past few hours, Jarvis “Jarvis” Kaye of FaZe Clan received a lifetime ban on Fortnite Battaglia Reale, for a series of reasons that we will remember later. Ninja intervened immediately afterward on the matter, clarifying his position and expressing his opinion on the whole affair.

Jarvis of the FaZe Clan does not deserve the ban for life, according to Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. The worldly face of Fortnite Chapter 2 in no way justifies the actions of the pro player, be it clear, but at the same time shows a more indulgent attitude than that of Epic Games. Here are his statements: “Jarvis is still very young, I just think he’s a stupid kid who made a stupid decision, without really thinking about what he was doing. But it wasn’t a tournament, and it wasn’t even a Cash Cup, so he should have received a six-month ban. Even for life? ”

Many other important personalities of Fortnite Chapter 2 have taken a similar position towards Jarvis. Recall that the boy was banned for life on Fortnite for using the aimbot, that is, for having rigged/made use of cheats. However, this happened on one of his secondary accounts and simply to make funny videos to be published on YouTube, not in games, events or official competitions. Epic Gamesmoreover, it has long implied that it would have unleashed all its resources against any behavior of this type, which undermines the positivity of the gaming environment. What do you think of the Jarvis case?


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