Fortnite: Sanctum, Omen and All the Contents of the Store Dated 5 September 2019


All content, details, and prices from the developers of Epic Games for the Fortnite Battle Royale store on September 5th, 2019.

The shop of Fortnite Battle Royale has updated once again in this quick article we will see all of the content, details, and prices offered by Epic Games for the day today, Thursday, September 5, 2019.

It begins by Sanctum, the Vampire Skin that officially returns to Fortnite Battle Royale. As always its price is equal to 1500 V-buck, about 15 euros at the exchange rate; Omen also returns with her, who has not been seen for some time. However, the latter is a Legendary Skin, hence the price rises to 2000 V-buck, about 20 euros at the exchange rate. And finally, among the unpublished content, we note the Ritmo Lama Music CD and the Impronta Digitale cover: the first costs about two euros, the second three.

Below are all the contents of today ‘s Fortnite store, 5 September 2019, with respective prices.

  • Old Ax (Harvesting Tool) – 800 V-buck
  • Omen (Costume) – 2000 V-buck
  • Sanctum (Costume) – 1500 V-buck
  • Sinapsy (Costume) – 1500 V-buck
  • Feelin ‘(Emote) – 500 V-buck
  • Lama rhythm (music) – 200 V-buck
  • Swallowtail (Costume) – 1200 V-buck
  • Svolazzo (Emote) – 500 V-buck
  • Fingerprint (Cover) – 300 V-buck

Stay Tuned For More Updates.



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