Fortnite, the New Update Brings an Important Bonus

We welcome the alien Nanites.

Season 7 of  Fortnite Chapter 2 does not seem to want to stop, given that the most impressive free-to-play ever continues to receive content on a regular basis.

The battle royale of  Epic Games is in fact continuously supported by the developers, well aware of the fact that the community is always clamoring for news and additions.

Just a few days ago it was confirmed that the skin of an extraordinary American sports champion is in the pipeline, presumably right after the summer.

It is also true that, considering how much the game is able to collect per minute, this is not too surprising.

Now, Epic has confirmed that a new update for Fortnite has been available for a few hours, which brings a really not bad “alien” particularity into the game.

Let’s talk about the alien Nanites, thanks to which players will be able to recreate the atmosphere of the home planet of extraterrestrials.

“Throw them on the ground to create a low-gravity biome that you can enter and exit from. It’s thick like jelly (their planet is probably very humid), so you’ll practically start swimming when you jump, ” reads the official post.

“To get down to the new biome faster, try crouching. Also, you won’t get hurt if you step out of one of these biomes from a certain height. “

But ninth only: Alien Nanites can be used as crafting components – just combine one with a rare or better SMG to create a Kimera Ray Weapon.

Even combining one with a Rare or Better Assault Rifle will make a Pulse Rifle or a Rare or Better Sniper Rifle to create a Rail Cannon.

Alien Nanites can be found on the ground, above the Kidnappers, and in the Mothership.

Have you already read that at the beginning of July the skin dedicated to the God of Deception of the Marvel Universe has already arrived, back in vogue thanks to the Loki series on Disney +?

But that’s not all: it is rumored that  Fortnite could soon welcome an impressive number of characters from anime such as Dragon Ball and  Naruto into the game.

Finally, if you like, also catch up on our recent special entitled  “Xbox Game Pass is a (first) answer to the Fortnite generation”.

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