Fortnite, the Skin of The “King” Has a Date (and Is Very Close)

The NBA champion arrives this week.

Season 7  of  Fortnite Chapter 2 unstoppable continues its course since the last season of the free-to-play the most played of all time continues is proving to be a breeding ground for truly unique content.

The battle royale of  Epic Games is in fact receiving new content at an impressive speed, thanks to the ever-growing interest in the game.

Only on July 7th, we had in fact reported how impressive the latest update to the game was.

More importantly, however, only a few days ago it was confirmed that the skin of an extraordinary American sports champion was in the pipeline, although an official date was still missing.

LeBron James, the latest celebrity to enter the Fortnite metaverse, will in fact be included starting July 14th (via The Verge )

Players will be able to purchase two different versions of the NBA star aka “King James”: a regular LeBron with a handful of special outfits and another skin modeled after his role in the upcoming Space Jam: A New Legacy movie.

A third optional skin instead shows the champion in a “classic” daily outfit, as if it were in 2018.

The two skins and related accessories will also be available as part of a specific bundle, downloadable at will according to the tastes of the player.

Both versions will also sport the champion’s brand new official shoe, the Nike LeBron 19 (still without an official Italian release).

Rumors of a LeBron skin have followed one another since May May, starting with some leaks that emerged during the “clash” in court between Epic and Apple.

It’s not the first time that real-world celebrities have become a major part of the Fortnite universe from streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins to rapper Travis Scott, moving on to champions like Neymar.

Considering how much the game is able to cash in per minute, LeBron James will certainly not be the last star to be part of the battle royale.

Recall that at the beginning of July the skin dedicated to the God of Deception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that is the legendary Loki, also arrived.

Finally, you also read that  Fortnite could soon welcome a surprising number of heroes from anime such as Dragon Ball and  Naruto into the game.

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