Fortnite Update 9.21: The New Features of Epic Games for Save the World


The Epic Games Update 9.21 is finally available for Fortnite: we see all the news and unpublished content planned for Save the World.

The Update 9:21 of Fortnite Battle Royal, Save the World and Creative mode has been recently published by Epic Games on all gaming platforms (console, PC and mobile devices). In this quick article, we will examine the noteworthy novelties for the PvE mode known as Save the World. 

The main novelty of the 9.21 Update for Fortnite Save the World is the Plasmatron 9000, whose description reads “Tongue-twisters: can you repeat” plasma-piercing blows “as fast as you can?” It is a short-range automatic pistol with a moderate firing rate: it shoots plasma rings that expand and pierce enemies. It will be available in the store from Thursday 13 June 2019 at 2:00 am until the following Thursday 20 June 2019. 

Of course, a new WarGames simulation, How to count down, could not be missing from the additions of the Update 9.21 of Salva il Mondo.: “Step forward and try to focus on the teleported Bomb. In this simulation, an unstable bomb teleports here and there in your base. The Objects are attracted by their energy and try to destroy it. Adapt quickly to defend each new position of the bomb: the Objects will always take new and unexpected roads “. Find more details from the Epic Games developers in the Source field of this article.

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