Fortnite: Will Smith comes to the game!

Smith’s first acting successes fall on the mid-1990s. Then he appeared in two very famous productions – “Bad Boys” and “Independence Day”. Both films turned out to be huge cinematic successes. Later, the American played the main role of the three parts of “Men in Black”. The actor also achieved great musical success.

In 1997 he made his debut with the album “Big Willie Style”. It has been platinum nine times in the United States and six times in Canada. Thanks to these actions, Smith became one of the most famous stars of American show business. Everything indicates that it can now conquer the gaming world by lending its image in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Well, according to the photos that came out, Will Smith is to appear in Fortnite soon. It is supposed to be a peel with his image and possibly other cosmetic accessories. Probably the premiere of this skin will be presented in September. However, the American will not be the only famous character likely to appear in the Epic Games title.

It is planned to implement the image of Morty from the popular animated film “Ricky and Morty”. The leaks also speak of the presence of the musician J Balvin. All this information should be confirmed in the coming days. It is already the second half of August, so September novelties will slowly start to be discovered.

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