Fortnite x IT

The players were really disappointed: this weekend the IT Skin is not coming to Fortnite Battle Royale, but Epic Games may have a surprise in store.

Were you among those who eagerly awaited the arrival of Fortnite ‘s Skin dedicated to IT, the killer clown recently returned to the best cinemas? Then you will probably have been disappointed as well: Epic Games has not proposed any themed cosmetic items. But why?

Fortnite x IT is an existing collaboration, repeatedly confirmed by the distributors of the film and by Epic Games itself. How come, then, an IT Skin has not arrived in the Fortnite store on 7 September 2019? The title daters and leakers found some rather eloquent strings. The answer is probably the following: until the collaboration between Epic Games and Borderlands 3 ends, there will be no room for the new one dedicated to IT.

Apart from some easter eggs dedicated to IT, in fact, on Fortnite no missions or objects dedicated to the new film and the killer clown arrived. Most are convinced that everything will change with the new update next Tuesday, when presumably Epic Games will kick off a new event dedicated to IT, perhaps even with a new themed gaming area. Will it really happen? We will keep you posted. Certainly, the collaboration between Epic Games and IT cannot be reduced to balloons scattered around the game map.

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