Fortnite X Star Wars: Stormtrooper Skin Available in the Store

Star Wars officially lands on Fortnite Chapter 2: the Stormtrooper is already available in the store with its Skin Theme, details from Epic Games.

Today is an important day for Fortnite Chapter 2: a very important new collaboration has been announced between the developers of Epic Games and Disney. The aim is to make the world of Star Wars converge with the joy of the franchise fans, with that of Fortnite Battle Royale.

What better time than launching Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on consoles and PCs, after all, to propose the Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration? At the time of writing, the Skin Stormtrooper is available in the item shop, a costume proposed for the price of 1500 V-buck, about 15 euros at the exchange (not too expensive by developer standards). It is a pity that he misses his complete set, that is a hang glider and a pickaxe / combined collection tool: but probably in the future themed missions will allow you to unlock them for free.

The announcement of the Stormtrooper in the Fortnite x Star Wars game and collaboration store took everyone by surprise, even the dataminer. By the way, by purchasing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on Epic Games Store, you will also automatically unlock the Skin on Fortnite Chapter 2.

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