Fortnite: XP hidden, loading screen, where to find it?


Looking for the hidden XP in the Chaos Awakening loading screen on Fortnite? We explain where to find it!

Each week, a weekly challenge-based mission is available in Fortnite. This week, the mission is called Awakening of Chaos, and unlike the previous ones, there is no letter to find! Indeed, it is exceptionally XP that is hidden in the loading screen, and therefore must be found.

The attention these challenges are a leak, the official list will be released this Thursday at 14h.

XP hidden in the Fortnite loading screen

In previous missions, the final challenge was to look for a letter in a loading screen. The letters, all assembled, formed the word FORNITE, and have all been discovered. Now that all these letters have been found, XP is hidden in the loading screen, and it will find for the challenges of the week! The Chaos Awakening loading screen hides many things: in fact, coordinates to find a back accessory and a pickaxe are indicated, as well as the location of the XP to find.

To find this XP, you must have already unlocked the loading screen, which is obtained after successfully completing 8 mission challenges. Once you’ve got it, we’ll show you where the hidden XP is located:

As you may have understood, on the screen shown is Kevin’s Monument! This is not a notable place, but simply a memorial to Kevin the Cube, who was present mainly in season 6! This monument is located in Steamy Stacks, south of the city. Find its exact location below:

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