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The news indicating the arrival of a baby is one of the most anticipated for those who wish to experience what they consider to be the purest love of life. However, on this way tatiana pictures He had to fight the most shocking battle in his 36 years.

In April of last year, he was diagnosed Breast Cancer triple negative, Information that was taking away his strength, but just five days later a positive result would change the whole scenario.

Tatiana was pregnant, a complete diagnosis of life that in parallel had a death.

“At that point my world stops because those are two news stories that don’t go together. I started my treatment and it was a test for the doctors as this is not a very common case and they had to see how to save my life without affecting my daughter.”

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While the little girl was growing in her womb, Tatiana faced chemotherapy mid-pregnancy that became her lifeline. “It was an aggressive cancer and you had to kill it with everything. There I saw that nothing is impossible with God.”

He came and was born on December 29, 2022 AntonellaA hope in the midst of adversity. Your best power to beat hangover Disease What overwhelmed her was the passion that enabled her to tell her story. “It was the best thing that could have happened to me. With her I learned to see many things, being a mother changes her perspective, every day is different, one learns them”.

24 days after the birth of her daughter, Tatiana had to undergo a mastectomy, where both her breasts had to be removed with reconstruction, a process that took more than five hours. With the firm belief that she was about to wake up, she managed to open her eyes to become one of the fighters who won this battle. “It’s important to have inspiration and my daughter was my engine.”

Tatiana never imagined a lost war. In his guts he knew of the great value that he had to be able to enjoy Antonella’s growth. “I was very calm. I’d always imagined chemotherapy to be temporary, but when my daughter came into my life it was the hardest part because I’d already shared her first days with her.

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In the operating room, his doctors, in addition to his guides, gave him strength, the same strength he sought to rise from the stretcher. “I was asking God to help me because I had to get up because I have a baby waiting for me. I needed to get out of that bed.”

Tatiana’s life has changed, she now has a gift for which she hopes to give her best.

“When you are a mother the priorities change and the biggest challenge for me was that I had to recover as quickly as possible to be able to carry my daughter as it was difficult for me to recover from the surgery. Can’t lift her when she comes out. And I put a lot of effort in her and she started moving my arms and still my checkup is going on”.

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