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Bologna, February 26, 2022 – The vaccination campaign continues with the administration of the fourth dose to ‘fragile’ people over 12. We talk about approx 900 thousand people at the Italian level (53 thousand in Emilia Romagna). These are people who have already received the three doses of the ordinance for at least 4 months (120 days) and who are in conditions of immunosuppression. These people, from Tuesday 1 March, will be summoned by the Ausl they belong to.

The white zone widens: Emilia Romagna, Marche and Veneto have to wait

Fourth dose, for everyone?  Meanwhile, for fragile people

Fourth dose, for everyone? Meanwhile, for fragile people

Coronavirus today Emilia Romagna: covid bulletin of February 26, 2022

Which vaccine

Despite the new vaccine being introduced Novavax, the ‘fragile’ will not be able to ask for it to be used at this juncture. The protein vaccine, in fact, has not even been authorized for third dose or dose booster. So either Pfizer or Moderna will be used, in the dosages authorized according to age.

Quarantine and isolation, the rules for those who have the third dose in Emilia Romagna

Who should take the fourth dose

These are the pathological conditions for which the fourth dose is scheduled, after 120 days from the administration of the third:
• solid organ transplant in immunosuppressive therapy;
• haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (within 2 years of transplantation or in immunosuppressive therapy for chronic graft versus host disease);
• waiting for organ transplant;
• therapies based on T cells expressing an antigenic chimeric receptor (CART cells);
• oncological or onco-haematological pathology being treated with immunosuppressive drugs, myelosuppressive drugs or less than 6 months after the suspension of treatment;
• primary immunodeficiencies (eg Di George syndrome, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, common variable immunodeficiency etc.);
• immunodeficiencies secondary to pharmacological treatment (eg: high-dose corticosteroid therapy over time, immunosuppressive drugs, biological drugs with significant impact on the functionality of the immune system, etc.);
• dialysis and severe chronic renal failure;
• previous splenectomy;
• acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) with CD4 + T cell counts 200 cells / μl or based on clinical judgment.

Fourth dose for everyone? Not now

As regards the general population, however, already on January 18 the European medicines agency (Ema) had clarified that, at the moment, there is not enough scientific evidence to recommend, or not, the fourth dose of the vaccine. Should the data demonstrate the need for a annual recallit is likely that priority will be given to elderly and frail people, both because they are more exposed to the risk of severe disease, and because they were the first to receive the booster dose.

The latest data from the Centers for disease control and prevention and the UK Health security agency confirm the position of the EMA: theefficacy of three doses of vaccine against severe disease, despite a slow decline, it remains high (About 75% after 3-4 months). In any case, beyond the scientific evidence, a further recall for the general population or for specific categories at risk, must in any case be authorized in advance by the regulatory authorities.

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