Foxy Trotter, the animated film produced by Natalie Portman

Foxy Trotterthe animation film branded Bold Films see Natalie Portman in the dual role of producer and voice actress.

Foxy Trotter is a rock and roll photographer who is constantly looking for the perfect rock photo. Portman will voice her best friend Ronnie about her, who is seduced by her arch rival Gunter.
The animated film was described by the director as an explosive mix between Barbarella, Sausage Party and Easy Rider. The film project was announced in 2017 and we look forward to updates regarding the cast of voice actors or the development of animation.

Also a few years ago, producer Michel Litvak of Bold Films revealed one psychedelic plot with seductive protagonists and endowed with verve.

Plot. The animated film is set in 1970s Los Angeles, where everything is sex, drugs and rock & roll. Foxy Trotter is a talented rock photographer, on the run for the perfect shot that will save the world. Instead her rival photographer Gunter steals her film and Ronnie’s compromising photos of her, music star and her childhood friend. To protect her, Foxy climbs aboard her legendary bike to follow Ronnie on the Mayem K-Hog Tour: it is the beginning of her acrobatic journey through the most surreal areas of America along a parallel psychedelic dimension known as the O-zone. At stake is the salvation of Ronnie and the world from a demonic apocalypse.

The direction is entrusted to Chris Prynoski, while Jess Rotter, Michael Reich, Jessica Hundley and Mike Pinkney are called to write the screenplay.

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