Framber Valdez reaches millionaire deal with Houston

Framber Valdez He’ll be the starting pitcher again in 2023 houston astros. The Dominican native has been the No. 1 shooter in the NBA champions’ rotation nearly all season. 2022 World Series.

Although the 2022 numbers were not reached, last year’s performance was outstanding. He has logged 198 innings in 31 starts this season. His ERA was 3.45 and his WHIP was 1.126.He won 12 and lost 11, completing the route twice, including one no batter.

Framber Valdez is in the second process arbitration.He has the first off season Earlier.That time he and Houston $6.8 million.That is personal record Until this Thursday.

Framber Valdez Houston Astros Salary 2024

On the evening of January 11 this year, reporters from sports world, Chandler Romereported on their social media accounts houston astros and Framber Valdez They reached an agreement that by 2024 $12.1 million.

“source: astros and Framber Valdez settled in $12.1 million,avoid arbitration“.

“fountain: astros and Framber Valdez they reached an agreement $12.1 million,avoid arbitration“.

With this amount, the Dominican southpaw set a new personal record salary.For the first time in his career, he broke eight figures, i.e. Ten million.

Other players from astros Who will earn more than eight figures in 2024? Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve, Justin Verlander, Jose Abreu, Lance McCullers, Ryan Pressley, Rafael Montero , Jordan Alvarez and Kyle Tuckerafter going through the same process as Flamber, he will earn 12 million.

Astros’ highest-paid player in 2024 is Justin Verlander at $43 million.However, management Houston It only paid him 22.5.Leave the rest new york mets.

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