France: a hunter managed to kill a bear that tore his leg out

A hunter, who was attacked by a female bear leading her cubs, was rescued by the local gendarmerie and taken to the intensive care unit of the hospital in Toulouse with a serious wound on his leg in the area of ​​the femoral artery.

The man stumbled upon a predator while hunting wild boars in the Seix region of Ariege with a group of other hunters. After being attacked, he managed to shoot twice, killing the animal.

Around 15.30 a local gendarmerie unit was called to the rescue. The body of the bear was found a few meters from where the hunter was found.

Ariege Prefecture opened an investigation into the incident.

– This is really what we feared. Today you can really see that cohabitation is complicated, said AFP Christine Tequi, president of the Ariege department council.

The brown bear almost disappeared from this part of Europe when France started its reintroduction program by importing animals from Slovenia. Currently, around sixty bears live in the Pyrenees, leading to more and more conflicts with local farmers due to the threat they pose to farm animals.

Three bears were illegally killed in the Pyrenees in 2020: two in Spain and one in France. The French government undertook to bring in new specimens in any similar case.

Source: AFP

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