France: Crowds at Zemmour’s First Election Rally

The candidate for the presidency of France, right-wing columnist Eric Zemmour, gathered over 20,000 people at his first election rally on Sunday. people in Villepinte near Paris, where he announced the creation of a new political movement, Reconquista. There was also a counter-demonstration of Zemmour’s opponents – 49 people were arrested.

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Zemmour’s first election rally, which officially announced his run for the presidential election in April 2022 on Tuesday, sparked protests from over 50 union headquarters.

Zemmour’s plan

Zemmour announced its election program. This includes restriction of migration and the right to asylum and access to health care for migrants. The columnist also wants to limit land law when granting French citizenship, and advocates the improvement of education and the elimination of LGBT ideology in French schools. He wants to return to traditional values ​​in public and national life. He is also an opponent of “rampant Islamolewism.”

Zemmour has promised to “systematically deport” illegal immigrants as well as unemployed foreigners from “French soil”. He criticized the functioning of the Court of Justice of the EU and the “Brussels bureaucracy”, which – in his opinion – unlawfully impose their decisions on the French.

The columnist repeatedly spoke critically in his speech about Muslims who “want to conquer France” and impose their rights on the French, but promised to assimilate those who want it because it is “the best gift France can offer them.”

– Why are Malians, Algerians or other nations not capable of assimilation to which the Spaniards, Italians or Poles are subjecting? Asked Zemmour, causing a storm of applause from his followers.

Zemmour called the rule of incumbent President Emmanuel Macron “a defeat for France” full of “inertia that threatens the freedom and economic growth” of its citizens. He described the president himself as “a plastic one who rules the country from behind a mask”, “deconstructor of the country” and a “puppet” to be replaced with a “great nation” and “real France”.

The columnist promised to “reconstruct France”, stressing that his movement had the strength, ideas and visions that would allow the French state to regain its rightful place in the world as a “great country”, “great people” and “great history”. He also repeated that both the elite and the media want his political death and are still attacking him.

Zemmour also called on Republican voters and the Marine Le Pen National Union to join his political movement.

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