France is tightening entry rules for Poles

Until now, PCR or antigen tests could be performed within 72 hours before coming to France. The tightening of conditions is due to the worsening of the epidemic in these countries.

Poland, Luxembourg and Switzerland thus join more than a dozen other countries subject to this restriction. They are: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Great Britain and Hungary.

France: fifth coronavirus wave hits “lightning speed”

Fifth wave coronavirus infections in France are rising at an alarming rate, the government said on Sunday, highlighting a doubling in the number of new COVID-19 cases over the past week.

The seven-day average number of new cases on Saturday reached 17,000. 153, compared with 9 thousand. 458 weeks earlier, health authorities reported, an increase of 81%.

The fifth wave is advancing at lightning speed Gabrial Attal, spokesman for the French government, told the media.

The latest seven-day increase is three times the average case increase recorded in the previous three weeks, which indicates exponential acceleration of the rate of infection.

So far, the surge in infection has not resulted in a massive influx of coronavirus patients into hospitals, and the authorities attribute the limited number of patients in intensive care to a high vaccination rate in Francewhich appear to be highly effective against the most dangerous strains of the virus.

On Saturday, hospitals reported a total of 7,974 patients with Covid under his care, of which 1,333 in intensive care. For comparison, a month earlier it was 6,500 and 1,000, respectively.

There is a very strong increase in infections, but we also know that we have a very large vaccination coverage in France said the spokesman. – It seems that we are ahead of our neighbors on the issue of booster vaccinations.

According to the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity, as of November 19, 5 million 293 thousand people have already received a booster dose of the vaccine – or about 8.1 percent. citizens. In neighboring Germany, however, 5 million 199 thousand. 713 people – or about 6.2 percent. citizens.

France’s introduction of a health pass ahead of other countries in the summer also helped keep Covid in check, according to the authorities.

A health pass, required at French restaurants, cafes and many cultural venues, certifies that a person is fully vaccinated, convicted, or free of the virus.

The government is still standing by its decision to “shift the burden of restrictions to the unvaccinated, not vaccinated”Attal emphasized.

Source: AFP, PAP

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